UV Flashlight - 390 to 410 nm

A powerful UV torch to highlight the fluorescence of certain minerals.

- LED between 390 and 410nm with a lifetime of 100,000 hours

- Solid aluminum construction

- Works with 6 AA batteries not provided (autonomy of 20h approximately)

- Weight: 285g (with batteries), compact and light, transportable everywhere including on the ground.

- Diameter of the head : 78mm

- Body Diameter : 37mm

- Length : 192mm



This lamp is not a toy, do not leave it in the reach of children.

Prohibited for under 18 years old without the supervision and responsibility of an adult.

DO NOT shine directly into the eyes
DO NOT expose the skin to UV light for an extended period of time

Not waterproof, DO NOT immerse.

Failure to follow these instructions can cause temporary or permanent blindness as well as burns and damage the lamp.

We can not be held liable for any damage caused by improper use of this lamp.

* Within normal use. Immersion, disassembly or deterioration following a shock automatically cancels this warranty.

Added : 04/2021

  Infos :

Example of fluorescence of an autunite specimen: