Box 1 - FREE for purchase of 10 different stones - (see conditions)

Thank you for reading ALL these conditions !

Add this box to your basket and complete it with 10 different stones selected on our entire website and featuring the following pictogram : 

Be careful if the stones selected do not have any pictogram their dimensions must be strictly less than 3 x 2.5 x 2 cm (size of a case) to integrate the box. We disclaim any responsibility for any error on your part in the selection of stones.

The names of the stones will be included in the box. For all special instructions especially in the case of ordering multiple boxes, we invite you to post them in the dedicated field of the order form or by mail, in the absence of instructions, the distribution of the stones will do randomly.

Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 2.2 cm with adjustable slots. Closing system blue or pink.

You are starting a collection, looking for an original and natural gift idea ?Indulge yourself or offer a box of minerals, fossils, meteorites, tumbled stones which respects your budget ! Discover or make discover to your loved ones the treasures of the inner Earth !

If the present conditions are not fulfilled the stones will be sent without the free box.

In order to complete your boxes more easily and that the stones ordered go into the cases, please refer to the pictograms below :

  -  Stones that can integrate all boxes.
  -  Stones that can integrate boxes with 15 and 24 compartments.
  -  Stones can only integrate the box with 24 compartments.
  -  Stone too big to incorporate a box - See product description to find out if modulation is possible.

Questions-answers :

I have more than 10 articles in my cart but some are too big to fit in the compartments of my box, can I get a free box ?
NO, if you do not have 10 different stones that fit in the box you can not benefit from this offer.

I have selected 4 times the 10 same stones to constitute 4 identical boxes of 10 different minerals for my grandchildren, can I get 4 free boxes ?
YES, to benefit from this offer it takes 10 different stones per box after free to you to integrate identical stones in different boxes.

I chose to order 10 identical stones, can I get a free box ?
NO, you must select at least 10 different stones to benefit from this offer.

I selected 17 different stones and the free box with 15 compartments, there are 2 stones that I do not want to integrate in my box, how to do ?
If you order several boxes, or that some stones are not to be placed in the box, we invite you to indicate it in the order form (special instructions fields) or by mail immediately after the ordering.

I would like to integrate a stone in my box that has a pictogram different from the one required, is it possible ?
NO, the stone you covet is too big to integrate this box, we advise you to choose a larger box with more compartments.

I would like to integrate a stone which presents this pictogram :
. In the description it is indicated that it is possible with the box that I chose, but that the stone will take 3 compartments, what does it mean ?
The compartments of our boxes are adjustable, so some large stones can be integrated by sacrificing cases. Only specimens with this pictogram allow this. If for example you select a stone that will occupy 3 compartments with the box of 24 compartments, you will only have 21 stones to select to benefit from the free box.

You already have a mineral collection and look for a box to store and exhibition, you will find our adjustable boxes sold empty in the "Material" section accessible from the "Our catalogs" tag of the menu.