Videos request

You hesitate to buy a sample to complete your collection ?

In order, to obtain a 360 ° video of the wanted sample(s), we produce on request 4K quality videos which will then be upload on YouTube for watching.

CAUTION - We do not make videos of tumbled stones or samples of the sections "Small Prices" or generally whose price is less than 15 €.

   How process ?

All you need to do is send us an e-mail with the subject "Video request" and your name and surname, attention unsigned mail will be automatically ignored. You will need to include the names and references of the sample(s) you want to see more details. You can also optionally specify what details you would like to see. Our email address for sending your request is at the bottom of all pages of the website. An answer will be sent back to you with the link of the video.

   Nota bene

The fact of sending a request does not constitute a reservation of the specimen(s) which can find purchasers in the meantime.