Minerals on bases (x100)

Minerals and fossils on transparent and glossy black bases for resale.
Names and accurate origins are listed under each base.

Among the specimens you have : amethyst, chrysocolla, aragonite, calcite, fluorite, dolomite, gypsum, ammonite, smoky quartz, gastropod, azurite, malachite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, and many more ...

The suggested retail price for these specimens varies from 6 to € 10. No sorting is done, you get a meli-melo. For orders less than 10 specimens we promise not to send duplicate.

For large orders a manufacturing delay may be necessary.

Warning :
Specimens are bonded with a hot melt glue. Although solid, it can happen during shipping, handling or shelving some samples come off the bases. No material will be taken off or exchanged, you can easily re-bond the specimens with the quoted material.

Size : variable, base of 2,2 x 2,2 x 0,7 mm
Provenances : variable

  Infos :

Our photos are as faithful as possible to reality, they are taken in a studio with a Pentax Digital SLR and a 100 mm fixed focus macro 1:1 lens. We use professional artificial cold lighting (mercury bulbs equivalent to daylight). However, the colors may vary slightly depending on your screen and its configuration...