french tourmaline Heart chakra - ANAHATA - Crown chakra - SAHASRARA - Throat chakra - VISHUDDHA - Solar plexus chakra - MANIPURA - Root chakra - MULADHARA - Sacral chakra - SVADHISHTHANA - Third eye chakra - AJNA - Nervous system, digestion, bones, teeth, self-confidence, fear, understanding, empathy, sympathy, prosperity, immune system (blue / green), lungs (blue), throat (blue), burns (blue), healing (blue), skin (brown / black), bowel (brown / green), stomach (yellow), liver (yellow), spleen (yellow), gall bladder (yellow), kidneys (yellow), painkiller (black), detox (black), allergies (black), stress (black), blood circulation (pink), dizzyness(pink), sex (pink), sleep (green), diet (green), insect bites (green), tolerance (blue), truth (blue), moral (blue), speech (blue), energy (black), love (pink), wisdom (pink), patience (green), mood (green)

Tourmaline France (ref: PR-D71-05)

Natural black tourmaline in pegmatite tumbled stones from France. Sold individually for collection, lithotherapy or Reiki.

Size : 2,5 to 3,5 cm
Provenance : Les Ancizes, Puy-de-Dôme, France

Added : 10/2022

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