What are the benefits of iron tiger's eye ?

In summary...

Lungs, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, addictions, eyes, concentration, protection

Physical benefits

Iron tiger's eye can help heal different types of chronic diseases. It can improve the functions of the lungs, intestines, kidneys and pancreas. He fights addictions (alcohol, smoking). It is also a stone that improves your vision.

Psychic benefits

The iron tiger's eye helps to become more active, physically and mentally strong. It will encourage concentrated thought, and it will help you to have clearer and stronger intentions. This stone will also help you find solutions to your financial problems and conflicts. The iron eye also has protective qualities. The energies of this stone will help you become immune to the negative energies that people bring to your environment.

 Warning :

All the informations contained on this page is given as an indication and presents esoteric benefits and popular beliefs. They are in no way medical advice and can not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Only your doctor has the skills needed to diagnose a possible pathology and make the appropriate prescription. This information relates the traditional properties of stones in lithotherapy as indicated by many references.