What are the benefits of manganoan calcite ?

In summary...

Healing, immune system, detox, blood circulation, liver, back, throat, stress, fear, nightmares, calm, sleep, addictions

Physical benefits

In lithotherapy, manganoan calcite is known to have a number of healing properties. It can also contribute to the health of the immune system and better elimination of toxins from the body. Finally, it is supposed to help the blood circulation, as well as the health of the liver, the spine and the throat.

Psychic benefits

The manganoan calcite has an energy that helps to release stress, tension and anxiety. It can also help get rid of feelings of fear. It is also known as a stone that can help prevent nightmares. It diffuses a calming, soothing energy, which can also help improve sleep. Finally, manganocalcite is known to be helpful in helping to release habits or addictions that could be considered detrimental to peaceful and loving life.

 Warning :

All the informations contained on this page is given as an indication and presents esoteric benefits and popular beliefs. They are in no way medical advice and can not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Only your doctor has the skills needed to diagnose a possible pathology and make the appropriate prescription. This information relates the traditional properties of stones in lithotherapy as indicated by many references.