What are the benefits of pearl ?

In summary...

Stress, blood pressure, hormones, eyes, lungs, intestines, cramps, protection, self-acceptance, calm, love, mood

Physical benefits

Petalite can be used against excessive anxiety or stress. It is useful for regulating blood pressure and countering anxiety attacks. This stone also helps with hormonal regulation. Finally, petalite is beneficial for cells, eyes, lungs, muscle spasms and intestines.

Psychic benefits

Petalite is excellent for healing all types of emotional trauma. It is an ideal protection stone for children who overcome abuse or who have difficulty maintaining their center in the face of bullying. Petalite brings self-acceptance, calmness and self-love. She also has calming qualities and balances her emotions by preventing mood swings, especially in romantic relationships.

 Warning :

All the informations contained on this page is given as an indication and presents esoteric benefits and popular beliefs. They are in no way medical advice and can not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Only your doctor has the skills needed to diagnose a possible pathology and make the appropriate prescription. This information relates the traditional properties of stones in lithotherapy as indicated by many references.