What are the benefits of amethyst ?

In summary...

Painkiller, headache, stomach, detox, healing, addictions, skin, lungs, blood circulation, bones, nervousness, protection, lucidity, concentration, meditation, love

Physical benefits

Amethyst is a good muscle relaxer for the upper body. In lithotherapy it is used to fight gastric acidity, but also to eliminate more quickly the various elements harmful to the body such as alcohol, drugs, toxins. It reduces headaches, promotes healing. It can be used to help fight an addiction. It is also a stone that is suitable for skin problems (burns, zonas, pimples), problems related to breathing and the blood system. Finally, it can contribute to bone reinforcement.

Psychic benefits

Amethyst is a stone of balance and peace, it helps to calm nervousness and anxiety; she distils love and happiness to those who come into contact with her. It is also a protective stone that protects against theft and against negative waves. It is excellent for meditation because it helps to improve the accuracy of visions. It helps, in a general way, to have a better concentration. The amethyst would also attract the soulmate.

 Warning :

All the informations contained on this page is given as an indication and presents esoteric benefits and popular beliefs. They are in no way medical advice and can not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Only your doctor has the skills needed to diagnose a possible pathology and make the appropriate prescription. This information relates the traditional properties of stones in lithotherapy as indicated by many references.