What are the benefits of chocolate opal ?

In summary...

Painkiller, back, headaches, bowel, kidneys, clairvoyance, creativity, serenity, insight, intuition, mourning

Physical benefits

Chocolate opal is thought to fight pain, especially in the back. With this in mind, stone is popular among those who suffer from headaches and migraines. This stone can also be used to warm and revitalize the body, as well as to treat the intestines and kidneys.

Psychic benefits

Chocolate opal is said to possess mysterious and powerful attributes, as it induces visions and stimulates original and dynamic creativity. In addition, it allows peace and serenity of the mind and a clear vision of the inner world of its wearer, allowing for greater insight and greater intuition. The stone can also help the wearer to get through the emotional turmoil of life, helping them to give up the negative emotions associated with mourning.

 Warning :

All the informations contained on this page is given as an indication and presents esoteric benefits and popular beliefs. They are in no way medical advice and can not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Only your doctor has the skills needed to diagnose a possible pathology and make the appropriate prescription. This information relates the traditional properties of stones in lithotherapy as indicated by many references.